What Is Stacks (STX)?

Stacks is the native token used to register smart contracts, user identities, and other digital assets on the Blockstack blockchain. This crypto uses a new mining mechanism: proof-of-transfer (POX). Miners transfer Stacks to other users of the network. Those, in turn, earn dividends by taking part in the consensus algorithm and adding value to the new cryptocurrency network. 

Experts expect that Stacks’ annual inflation will fall to just under 1% from under 5% in the coming decades due to halving and the loss of some coins during network participation. This eliminates the fear of excess supply, which may lead to loss of value. 

  • Circulating Supply: 1.1 billion units
  • Max Supply: 1.8 billion units
  • Market Cap: $1,112,184,272 USD

What Is Bitcoin (BTC)?

Bitcoin is a type of completely decentralized digital currency that carries functions of fiat currencies without a central bank or single administrator. With Bitcoin, transactions can be carried out between parties without any intermediary. 

Advanced mathematical (cryptographic) protections accompany every Bitcoin transaction. This ensures that transactions cannot be tampered with. Every BTC transaction is recorded on public ledgers that anyone with an internet-enabled device can see. 

  • Circulating Supply: 18.7 million units
  • Max Supply: 21 million units
  • Market Cap: $676,991,687,824 USD

Which Should I Invest in: STX or BTC?

STX Price Prediction

  • WalletInvestor: It predicts that STX will grow to $6.017 from $1.037036 in only one year. The experts here calculate that STX has a 480.21% earning potential in the long run (2021–2025) and that it will be worth $25.353 in December 2026.
  • TradingBeasts: The predictors at TradingBeasts estimate that Stacks will grow to $1.4209834 from $1.0910015 (in 2021) by December 2022. This site considers STX a good move if you have the patience to wait. 
  • DigitalCoin: It states that Stacks will grow from $0.019 to $0.084 in 5 years. Obviously, the professionals here also see STX as a good move, but they don’t suppose it holds the kind of potential WalletInvestor suggests. 

BTC Price Prediction

  • PrimeXBT: It predicts that Bitcoin will grow as high as $100,000 to $350,000 this year before experiencing a bearish run. This will lead to the price falling to about $50,000 to $60,000 in 2022/2023, but that’s about it. The coin will pick itself back up and go on a bullish run in 2024/2025.

Steps to Exchange STX for BTC


  • Visit the Godex.io homepage, and you’ll find the exchange dropdowns.
  • Select the currency pair () that you want to trade and the amounts.
  • Provide your wallet address.
  • Deposit the amount required of you in the address provided to you, then click on Exchange.
  • Transaction complete. 


Stacks and Bitcoin seem promising, but they use different technologies. If you’d rather trade your STX, you may consider using the STX for BTC exchange on Godex or other trusted platforms. The choice is always yours; we just give you information, not advice.

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